Shareholder Information

Capital Structure

The Company’s issued and fully paid share capital is as follows:

Total issued shares:                         123,796,142 ordinary shares

Of which held as treasury shares:    43,533 ordinary shares

Shares holding voting rights:            123,752,609 ordinary shares

Share capital:                                   US$ 1,237,961

Last updated 09-09-16

Major shareholders

As at 9 September 2016 the Company had the following significant shareholders:

Shareholder Declared shareholding % of issued share capital
FMI Holdings (Private) Limited 62,553,618 51%
The Bank of New York (Nominees) 52,126,416 42%
Esi Wilhemina Daniels Memorial Trust   3,666,667   3%


Please note, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders of a company incorporated according to the laws of England & Wales. 

Shares not in public hands

Shares that are not held in public hands total 118,624,906 ordinary shares.

Last updated 09-09-16

Transfer Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the company's AIM securities.

Administrative matters

All administrative enquiries relating to shareholdings, such as queries concerning dividend payments, notification of change of address or the loss of a share certificate, should be addressed to the Company's registrars.