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Masawara is a pan-African investment company focused on acquiring interests in companies based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our priority industries cover financial services, technology, property, agro-chemicals and hospitality.

Our Philosophy

Masawara’s business philosophy has dual aims – to benefit its stakeholders and to improve the lives of Africans.

We hold leading positions in our priority industries in terms of value share and profitability such as life insurance, asset management, financial services and real estate. We have achieved this by creating strong relationships/partnerships in Africa and around the world.  We manage our capital effectively to ensure sustainable returns.

Masawara makes a difference by supporting our communities through wide-ranging social initiatives. Our overriding purpose is to “Make Lives Better” through what we do for Our People, Our Communities and Our Environment.

At the heart of Masawara is to make a positive contribution to Sub-Saharan Africa by creating financially strong companies and investing in entrepreneurial and innovative companies. Wealth creation for our stakeholders and leaving an impact on our communities are what drive us in our daily decision-making.

Our Values

Integrity If it is not right we do not do it.

Respect – We hold our profession, our stakeholders and ourselves in high esteem. Being open to diverse opinions and backgrounds, we recognize each other’s achievements as well as our mistakes and use both to propel us forward. We honour those who contribute in every way to our growth.

Humility – To us, humility is the absence of arrogance, not the absence of confidence and pride. We are modest because we respect what shapes us.

Service – All our businesses provide an essential service to our country, and it is through a deep unwavering commitment to serving our customers that we not only remain relevant but how we change lives for the better.

Courage – We make bold decisions to build great companies. We enhance shareholder value without compromising the company’s ambitious long-term plans.