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Our priority is the safety of our guests and we are committed to the relentless pursuit of cleanliness. The Cresta safe stay promise elevates our hygiene practices from check-in to check-out.

We deliver on:

Marketing for the “New Normal

Amongst other things, our priority to our guests has been to communicate their health and safety within our premises. We transmit clear messages about what we are doing to confront COVID19. The aim is to remove any doubt by promoting maximum hygiene measures being implemented.

It has also been very important to be cognisant of our team’s mental health and to keep the team in the frontline united and motivated. What we are doing is ensuring:

We are in a domestic travel renaissance and we need your help to spread the message amongst your friends and family, start the conversation and when it is safe to travel, think local and try a staycation.

Keeping our people – COVID Safe

We continue to ensure our people remain safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With over 427 infections in Zimbabwe to-date the safety of our people at Masawara remains our top priority. Infection, Prevention and control has been the Culture the team continues to embed across all group companies to ensure information, guidance and support is provided to all employees at all times. Below are some of the measures put in place across various companies over the past two months since the pandemic hit our country; –

Short term insurance giant Botswana Insurance Company (BIC) continues the fight against COVID- 19 by contributing towards Botswana Government’s relief Fund. The much-needed resources will bolster the health sector’s containment strategy.

The contribution was made through BIC’s Holding Company – the Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Group.

“As corporate citizens we have a duty towards driving hope and making life better in the communities we trade and who form part of our ecosystem. Covid-19 does not only threaten our existence as human kind, it is devastating our economic fulcrum as a country. We stand with the Government in this fight. We will prevail. I hope this contribution will go a long way in assisting our very brave frontline health workers find this pandemic and help defend the well-being of Batswana during this difficult period,” says BIC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Newton Jazire.

BIC has also pledged further support to the different business constituents such as clients, independent financial advisors, agencies and brokers to ease their financial burden during period of Extreme Social Distancing.

The economic impact of this period will be huge. In this respect, BIC has made funds available to support specific value chains and clients.

This support will be communicated directly to them and will consist of a blend of financial support to all stakeholders.

We are all aware that this pandemic has the potential to devastate populations and economies of scale across the world and we know that the economic growth in all BIC markets will be lower than anticipated, with some expected to enter recessions as the lockdowns in some of our operating countries impact the growth of new business.

However, we remain confident that the BIC has the resilience to withstand the current conditions. We have a solid balance sheet and the best expertise available in the market to execute our strategy and deliver value to all our stakeholders. Through our continued collaboration, we will get through this challenging period. Remember, together we are better.

BIC recognises the financial burden the COVID-19 pandemic will have on its valued clients. Plans are in place to alleviate this strain by offering qualifying clients the following benefits:

  1. 30% Reduction in Individual Motor Policy Premiums for all clients in good standing.
  2. Premium rescue package for our clients in, Hospitality, restaurants and bar businesses has been put in place. Please contact your broker, agent or BIC directly for more information.
  3. All BIC policy holders and their immediate family, will enjoy free COVID Bereavement cover to the value of P10 000.

In order to assist our nation’s youth, BIC will make available additional funds to its “Corporate Social Responsibility” Partner, The Broadcaster’s Organization. The funds will also be used to support the BIC 24/7 Project and soon to be launched BIC Moithuti App.

We wish you Good health and please keep Social Distancing.

Re a leboga.

The five-year transformational journey being rolled out within the Masawara Group has been embraced with renewed energy and focus. Within the Zimnat Group, several exciting initiatives have been rolled out in the journey towards 10 times growth within next five years, a testament of the determination to transform.

As an organisation focused on making life better, continuous innovation takes centre stage. The Life division has been working on ensuring that the value on the customers’ policy is preserved in a highly unstable and inflationary economic environment.

Kwedu/Ngekhaya diaspora funeral plan, launched in January this year, provides funeral cover to Zimbabweans living in the diaspora and ensures that their final resting place is back home in Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans living abroad have struggled in the event of death in a foreign land, with some having to resort to ‘Go fund me’ to raise money for repatriation. With this product, one is adequately covered in the event of a funeral as cover is payable in USD/ Rands.

Within the same blanket of value preservation, the division recently launched Gadziriro/ Lungiselelo funeral plan, the first inflation proof funeral cover in Zimbabwe. The plan provides for regular review of covers and premiums to ensure that the value of the policy is maintained as it hedges against inflation.

From General Insurance, a new motor claims process has been launched which gives consumers access to towing services and use of a courtesy car in the event of an accident. To achieve a hustle free process, the division has invested in a tow truck and a fleet of courtesy cars to ensure immediate service to customers requiring the service from the accident scene. For 3 days after the accident, customers can make use of the courtesy car for free whilst making arrangement for their vehicle to be repaired.

Another exciting innovation has been through the Microfinance business, where Bureau de Change services have been introduced, branded ZFX Bureau de Change. The new outfit is a registered tier two service, offering both foreign exchange and money transfer services, the convenience being that customers receiving money from abroad can also change their foreign currency into local currency under the same roof.

At the forefront of all this innovation and this transformation journey, is a workforce that has committed to work tirelessly to achieve the vision. In turn, the group has also committed to reward those who excel, to provide platforms for continuous development and to place the needs of the employee first.

This quick adoption has also helped as the group had to quickly put in place digital working facilities to flatten the Covid 19 curve and to protect the workforce, adopting a ‘working from home’ concept, empowering employees to work effectively from home and to conduct all meetings virtually.

This has seen the business invest in innovative digital learning platforms such as Linkedin Learning for all employees for skills development and continuous learning. To date, more than 90% of the employees have activated their accounts, a huge success in adapting to the use of digital platforms and to the digital space in general.

In line with the transformation journey and to ensure success, a few movements amongst the workforce have also happened. Mr Munyaradzi Javangwe, who was the CEO for Zimnat Financial Services, was seconded to run Sanlam Zambia as Chief Executive Officer allowing him to focus on the expansion of the microfinance business into Zambia.

Elizabeth Rabvukwa who was Chief Operating Officer for Zimnat Life Assurance was promoted to Managing Director for Zimnat Financial Services with an executive oversight over Zimnat Asset Management.

Oliver Lutz, who was the Managing Director for Zimnat Asset Management joined the Masawara Group in the formation of a unit for corporate finance and advisory services. Sadly, the Group Marketing and PR Director, Angela Mpala left the group to pursue other interests.

The Zimnat Group remains poised to achieve the transformational journey to achieve 10 times growth in the next five years.

The unexpected pandemic has hit us but we remain resolute, borrowing from a quote  by  Bernie S. Siegel “Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.”  We have been quick to adapt and to transform to the new way of working whilst delivering on our promise to our customers.

What is your comment on this appointment?

I take it as an opportunity to bring forward a new vision and fresh ideas, strategies that will hopefully develop the industry and bolster the financial sector.

Briefly explain what BSTUA is and the role it plays in the industry.

Botswana Short Term Insurance Underwriters Association is an association that represents short term insurance companies that trade in the local market. It is responsible to take the lead in influencing policies, professional matters, express and interpret the needs and views of the members of BSTUA.

As the new BSTUA Chairman, what are you bringing to the table and what developments should be expected from your governance?

There will be new opportunities and challenges to tackle in our sector. More transparency within our operations, digital transformation and responsiveness will take place in the financial services industry, to greater agility. We look forward to adapting into the new environment. The goal is to grow, strengthen and safeguard the local insurance industry.

The insurance industry has played a pivotal role in the country for decades, with the new decade at its infancy how can the industry further develop the economy?

A digital transformation is taking place in the financial services sector with a host of non- bank innovators offering both customer facing and back office fintech products and services. We are looking forward to embracing these opportunities. The knowledge economy challenges us to act now. Fintech is the new value frontier.

As the association leader do you have any plans to assist upcoming short- term insurance companies to compete at a high scale?

This is one of the major priorities that we will be looking at, growth within the association members is vital.

Insurance literacy in the country has always been an issue which has raised concerns over the years.As the new BSTUA leader how are you planning on improving insurance literacy especially amongst the youth?

Public education campaigns are critical. There are different segments to reach. Strategic platforms will ensure we hit key market segments.

Short term insurers have put together a proposal to better prepare for national disasters such as pandemics in future. Please take us through that?

The Government has spent millions of Pula to curtail the spread of Covid-19, in order to keep businesses afloat and maintain some form of national order. Millions more are still to be spent on economic recovery.

Botswana Short Term Insurance Underwriters Association (BSTUA) in response to the coverage gaps, also more appropriately referred to in the industry as ‘the protection gap” (which is basically the difference between the total economic cost of a disaster less what is insured; and this difference as you can well imagine, can only be carried by the very individuals or businesses affected, and/or Government, Aid/Donor support agencies) that have once again been highlighted by this pandemic, is working on a proposal to create a state-backed Catastrophe insurance pool (scheme). Our view is that for future pandemics and other insurable national disasters (consider terrorism, drought), both government and private sector must continue to operate more collaboratively to proactively prepare and establish all core preventative and response measures and initiatives.

New season’s greetings to you all

I wish that 2020 will be a year of tremendous growth for each of you as well as unprecedented development for the Masawara Group. The growth journey of our organization, as it will be measured over the next five years, will reflect transformational prosperity even in the face of all anticipated adversity. As you might have been updated by your leadership teams, the Masawara Group has commenced a growth trajectory that has been defined after a series of strategy formulation meetings that involved all the Masawara units at various levels. At our Masawara Leadership conference, we established the critical factors that will lead to a transformation of our organization. To achieve this transformation, we will invest in existing and new short to long term opportunities to create value for our shareholders whilst enhancing our responsibility to make the lives of everyone we touch better.

Our strategy is simple. We will:

Technology and Innovation

People and Culture

Marketing, Innovation and Customer Experience

Undeniably, such ambitions are far-reaching and challenging. However, I have no doubt in our ability to achieve these goals that I believe to be common to us all, as you have never lacked courage in the past.

As I reflect the commencement of this journey, my key deliverables are;

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I am incredibly excited to embark on this journey with you and I hope you are just as excited for all that lies ahead of us!



Zimnat Life

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Botswana Insurance company takes Customer Service very seriously. In a market that has limited opportunities to source unlimited customers, we need to ensure that we retain our customers by providing a great service experience. It is important to note, that the majority of our clients are serviced through intermediaries, so we are also focused on ensuring that our brokers also enjoy superior customer service.

There are a number of key processes that have to be engineered in such a way as to deliver a superior and consistent service experience, these are: a) New Policy Acquisition and Onboarding of a customer, b) Renewal Process c) Claims Process. If you can manage to deliver these 3 key customer events better than your competitors, you will retain and grow your customers. If you drop the ball on any one of these three key customer processes, you will see an outflow of support and trust for your brand.

BIC has taken key steps to ensure that they maintain a superior customer service ethic, by implementing a range of customer service related projects, these included:

1. Customer Service Training – BIC is rolling out a local Customer Service Training program that is accredited locally, which will provide key customer service skills to all staff.

2. Standardized Customer Complaints Process aligned to the local regulatory requirements of legislation like TCF (Treating Customers Fairly ). BIC has finalized and implemented a robust complaints management process.

3. Customer Service Tracking and Monitoring. BIC has implemented an electronic scorecard customer service questionnaire that provides daily stats that can assist in finding the root causes of poor customer service. We have also uploaded a customer service survey on our Website to allow customers to rate our service and provide feedback.

4. Complaint Registers are also in place and are tracked. We will integrate this with our customer service tracking to continuously identify areas of improvement.

5. Staff KPIs will also have a section covering customer service ratings, complaints, and compliments. We recommend that this is adopted across the group to ensure that there is a level of consequence for bad customer service.

6. We are also implementing a Top 20 Customer Source Programme ( The Top 20 Sources of Customers – ie Broker, Scheme or Bank ) to ensure proper relationship management and additional customer service focus via SLAs. We are also doing a Top 20 Customer Programme ( Top 20 Policies by value ) this will be done to ensure a smooth renewal process and 100% retention of these policies.

7. Customer Perception Management – Social Media Management is critical to ensure that we are seen as market leaders in customer service, and any negative publicity is speedily managed and averted.

We are confident that the results of our customer service programme, has contributed to the significant market share growth that BIC has experienced during 2019.

We live in a time of tremendous innovation, massive disruption, and constant change. Our customers are rewriting the rules on how they engage with brands, media, content, and each other. As marketers, we need to rethink the way we reach our target audience. It’s time for marketing that really matters.

As we embark on our 10x journey, the drive is to claim marketing as a key driver for business. We need to transform our current marketing processes to align with best practices and the ever-changing consumer.

Marketing as it was originally intended, in its fullest, truest, and greatest form, is more important today than ever before. The world is awash in innovative products, services, technologies, solutions, business models, etc. today. These new offerings must be brought to market and commercialized in order to generate revenue and profit. Innovation alone cannot sustain a company; it must be paired with marketing.

The mandate of the marketing committee is to empower and facilitate the great marketers scattered across the multiple business units to build great brands, the brands of tomorrow.

And to kick off this exciting mandate, the teams have conducted brand audits that will identify the gaps that are currently present within the business.

From the audit comes the workshop. A great brand is a community initiative with buy-in from the top and all other business layers. What is your brand’s purpose are some of the questions you will ask. And to answer that is to begin the process of building purpose-driven brands.

The results of the workshop will be locked in a brand manual. A manual that does not just stipulate how your brand’s identity should be executed but houses the overarching brand vision that sets out the brand strategy and road map touching on a few key points such as;

1. Vision

2. Purpose

3. Voice

4. CSR

5. Digital

All of this is then injected into the business marketing strategy. And we crystalise our road to commercialisation. We will cast a lense on the marketing function to understand what we have done right and wrong. With the ultimate goal being to build purposeful brands, that thrive in the market with a strong ROI.

Our marketing goals for this quarter

1. Brand Audit

2. Brand workshop

3. Brand manual development

The team driving marketing transformation

A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind.” – Bill Bethel